Prof Joerg Rekittke: Keynote 'Indifferent Landscape' at the 18th International Conference on Digital Landscape Architecture.

Joerg Rekittke, will give a keynote — entitled 'Indifferent Landscape' — at the 18th International Conference on Digital Landscape Architecture. The conference, entitled 'Responsive Landscapes', will be held from 7-10 June in Bernburg, Germany. The conference programme and names of speakers can be found under this link:

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2nd Year Student - George Willmott awarded Damien Rasmussen Scholarship

Congratulations to George Willmott who has been awarded the Damien Rasmussen Scholarship

The scholarship provides financial assistance to participate in an overseas exchange.

The Damian Rasmussen Scholarship is made available by the generous bequest of the Rasmussen family. Damian Rasmussen was an RMIT student studying the landscape architecture program in its initial year in 1982. He sadly passed away in a car accident after only completing his first year of study. The scholarship was established as a memorial to Damian and to honour his life.

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Podcast: Landscape Conversations

New podcast series made possible through the RMIT University School of Architecture and Design SRC fund, explores the diverse ways in which landscape is worked in, thought of and defined.

Presented and produced by Anton James and Matthew Kneale, The Landscape Conversations podcast series will explore the diverse ways in which landscape is worked in, thought of and defined. Landscape architects, scientists, artists, filmmakers and others who shape how we understand landscape discuss their work, their influences and their ideas about landscape in a series of informal interviews.

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On April 26th, Joerg Rekittke, his team members Philip Paar and Yazid Ninsalam, and four other academic teams from German universities, will open the exhibition ‘draußen — out there’ in the Architekturmuseum der TU München, Pinakothek der Moderne.

‘draußen — out there’ is the first exhibition at the Architekturmuseum der TU München to be devoted to landscape architecture. The exhibition had been developed on the initiative of Andres Lepi

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Ata Tara awarded for Gold Coast Landscape Character Study (2013)

Ata Tara, our new staff member, as part of a consultancy project team, recently received another award for Gold Coast Landscape Character Study (2013). Ata was responsible for field surveys, data collection, landscape assessments and GIS mappings. This study has received three awards since it’s completion including:

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RMIT Landscape Architecture Design students and faculty in Ho Chi Minh City

In 2016 Vietnamese local media reported that Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), which has a population of 8 million, had 7.43 million motorbikes. RMIT Landscape Architecture Design students and faculty are now using HCMC as a testing ground to understand the role and impact of motorcycles as a personal mobility device that shapes the landscape of the megacity. This March, 6 faculty and 73 students from the RMIT Melbourne travelled to Ho Chi Minh City for a 10-day field trip that consists of three design studio projects, namely: ‘Atmospheres and Comfort’ in the BLAD, ‘Walking City’ and ‘Motorcycle City’ that are undertaken by the MLA program.

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Alumni Profile: Niki Schwabe

Fantastic profile of MLA Alumni Niki Schwabe:

Digital technology has been slowly revolutionising landscape architecture for years. RMIT graduate Niki Schwabe is unlocking new areas of his practice with software.

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NGV.SK is a landscape that frames shifts in time and movement of materiality, through the exploration of a new type of gallery space, positioning them as a performance landscape curated through a series of artists.These frames will start to form new space and place for adaptive and existing ecology to develop through the interaction of challenging coastal and transient landscapes. NGV.SK is a comment on a changing and dynamic world and how we can adapt to constant flux.