Associate Professor Rosalea Monacella

Rosalea’s teaching focuses and builds on an integrated scholarship model, where teaching her directly draw on her research expertise, exploring and sharing a number of the research thematics and approaches in the teaching curriculum and pedagogical structure.

Rosalea has been a recipient of a number of national and international awards related to her research undertakings. The OUTR lab, which she co-directs, has undertaken research on a number of cities around the world and completed a number of urban masterplans in china, USA, South America, Europe and Australia that explores design at the nexus of the urban and natural environments. The approach is for the generation of sustainable urban futures for living through a practice of design that is informed from the ’ground-up & top down forces’ through a careful and rigorous exploration of economic, environmental, and social complex systems that constitute an ever-changing city. The research brings together complex urban issues and advanced digital modelling techniques as an approach for providing solutions.

Rosalea brings a deep knowledge and expertise in transforming the urban environment and the impact of the shifting dynamics in resource flows. This can be evidenced through her experience with OUTR.

Associate Professor BArch(Hons), MA(LU), PhD
Co- founded OUTR (Office of Urban Transformation Research), a practice-based research unit in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT University
Theoretical Frameworks Co-curator
Design Research Project Thesis (5th Year) Coordinator for Master of Landscape Architecture
Kerb Journal Editorial Board Chair and Course Coordinator/ lecturer

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