Marieluise Jonas

Marieluise holds a PhD from Tokyo University where she researched the practice and tradition of informal use of space in dense urban conditions. She is affiliated with the University of Tokyo through urban research and post disaster reconstruction projects in Tohoku. In 2013, 2015 and 2016 the Australia Japan Foundation funded research collaborations with NGOs and University partners in Kesennuma, Japan. 

A key interest of Marieluise’s research is the engagement with materiality and a notion of immediacy. In teaching, her approach focuses on on-site experimentation and making where she can draw on a background in landscape construction.

The 2014 book publication Tokyo Void Possibilities in Absence co-authored with Heike Rahmann is a reflection on the ongoing investigation of urban vacant spaces in Tokyo. The research focus on urban vacant spaces has extended from Tokyo to other Asian metropolises, Europe, USA and Australia and has been published in Journals and book chapters.
The enquiry of design research practice in Landscape Architecture is another focus. The 2012 book publication Exposure 00 co-edited with A/Prof. Rosalea Monacella is considering contemporary approaches in Landscape Architecture.

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